The Mind

Imagine you are an athlete. Pick a sport, any sport you like. You use your legs every day, your arms every day and any other part of your body that your sport involves. Now imagine that you break your leg. Not only are you unable to play your sport but you’re also unlikely to be able to get around without the aid of crutches, you need doors held open for you and stairs, well they are just a nightmare!

Now imagine you are sitting in an exam. The only things you need are your hand to write with and your mind. So imagine that your mind isn’t working, imagine it has a disease so that it is incapable of working at full capacity. It’s not just this exam that is a bother, its simple things like getting your body to relax to go to sleep or having the motivation to leave your bed or your seat to go and do something.

Anybody who questions how a Mental Health Problem is the same as a physical problem, just look above again. They’re as bad as each other. They can both alter your life, they can both stop you doing things that you want to do and they can both kill you. The only difference is that physical problems have an end and if they don’t have an end then there is ways to adapt, for most. Mental Health Problems, when you’ve got them, there is often no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel if you will.

So next time you think, for even one second, that Mental Health Problems aren’t ‘real illnesses’, just imagine your broken leg, imagine your mind not working and be grateful that you can run to that exam you’re late for because you’ve overslept.

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