A thought…

Today’s post is nice and short, mainly because I’m stressing about exams at the moment! I’ve obviously put up a fair few posts about mental health so this one has a slightly happier tone to it! (Well it did in the original draft!)

A friend of mine said to me the other day that there was no shame in giving something up, but there may be regrets if you do. A very simple thought but very very true! I always used to think I’d be ashamed if I’d given up on university this year or given up on Chemical Engineering entirely; however shame is a feeling you have based on what others think of you and that really doesn’t matter! Regret on the other hand is something that you feel when there is no going back on an action that you’ve done, it’s entirely based on your opinion of yourself. It’s no better than shame but it is something you can control, unlike what other people think.

The other point I wanted to make is that giving up on something, all feelings aside, isn’t always the best or easiest option. There can be times when you feel like there is no other choice and I know this can be worsened by illnesses like depression, anxiety and many more. However there is always a way through, just finding it often takes some digging, guidance or maybe a kick in the right direction!

Basically what I’m saying is don’t live to regret anything, don’t be ashamed of a choice you make and most importantly never ever give up on something you want!

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