‘Can it be cured?’

I was asked this today. I’m not sure whether it was a serious question or not, but that is really beside the point. The answer is quite simply….NO. Mental health problems are something that you have to adapt to having. You will always live with them but over time they will have less of an impact on your life as you become more experienced at dealing with them. One of the methods used to help this process is called CBT and I’m currently drafting a blog post on that but it’s taking a while!

A good example of how mental health problems are always around in your life is Bipolar Disorder. I don’t know a lot about this (yet – maybe another blog post?) but you go through periods of depression and periods of mania (sad and happy in simple terms). It is a cycle between the two and when one ends the other starts! This is a life long thing.

However, it is not just Bipolar Disorder that is a life long problem. Personally, I don’t like big crowds or rowdiness; therefore clubs are a bit of a no go area for me now. I might one day take a jump into the unknown and go into one again but it would be a really big deal for me to do that and it’s something I don’t really fancy trying anytime soon. As a student this obviously affects how I live slightly, but you learn to adapt and you put yourself into friendship circles that don’t revolve around going out clubbing!

Apologies for the fact that this sounds like a massive rant to answer a question, but I hope it got my point across that you can’t just ‘get rid of’ a mental health problem. It takes time to adapt. So never expect somebody to snap out of it and always be prepared for them to go through periods where their mental health problem affects them more than normal.

PS. There’s no photo today because my phone isn’t working properly! Maybe they’ll be two tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “‘Can it be cured?’

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