Start of Something New

All good things come to an end. When one door closes another one opens. End of an era. Use whatever saying you like but today I moved out of the house I’ve spent a year in in Manchester and into a new house with some lovely new housemates. My parents keep saying think of it as a new start because all my memories of my old room are being depressed, staying in bed all day and having panic attacks.

This month also marks the month where some of my favourite people in Manchester graduate/go on placement/ leave for a year abroad and as happy as I am for them all I can’t help but saying ‘YOU’RE ALL LEAVING ME!’ However there are still some pretty damn amazing people left in Manchester and now I have numerous other places to visit in the country!

I think you can probably all gather that this year hasn’t been the best for me but things are really looking up and so I’m not focussing on all the sad stuff. It’s the start of something not the end. However that sounds all sicky and emotional and I need to keep up my cold hearted persona so I’ll stop with that for now.

The point I’m trying to get across is that a lot of good things come to an end but so many amazing new things can happen when they do. Life goes on and everyday is a ‘Start of Something New’. (Yes I did just quote HSM.) So the new thing I’m starting today is that every other blog post I put up is going to be focused on something that will hopefully make some of you smile! This is still mainly a mental health blog at the end of the day so I’ll carry on posting about that but my life, well mood really, is looking up therefore so is this blog!

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