One Girl and her Dog

I’ve mentioned previously that exercise can help your mental health and it doesn’t need to be trying out a new sport and straining every muscle in your body by trying too hard. It can be as simple as walking your dog (or just walking without a dog.)

I haven’t got much more to write on this topic as I have written all about it ‘here‘ so I just took some pictures while I was out walking Roxy this afternoon. Enjoy!

Here’s the star of the show:


Nice and troublesome as always! However, on some occasions this comes in handy. For example, when she doesn’t read the signs and goes to ‘do her business’ on private land. I’m no rule breaker so I definitely read the signs and stay off their land!


Spot the dog!


Did I say above that I was taking her for a walk? Well apparently I went the wrong way so she trotted off in the other direction and started barking until I followed her. Think she is a little bit too big for her boots!


I did actually take a few more photos but I realise that nobody loves looking at photos of my dog as much as I do, so I’ll stop here. My attempt at trying to get Roxy to look at the camera to say ‘Goodbye’ failed. So here is a picture of her looking annoyed that I haven’t opened the door yet instead! Bye for now!


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