The Apprentice that didn’t invent the light bulb

‘Courage comes in many forms. Stepping down for the unity of the team is courageous.’

Good old Jason being like every other Apprentice candidate and spouting complete garbage. I agree completely with the first sentence, courage does come in many forms and this is shown every day around the world or just in everyday life. After all courage is doing something that frightens you and most people get anxious or frightened about something quite regularly. However, the second sentence…there are just no words I can find to describe quite how much I hate and disagree with that sentence. There are a few reasons for this, the simplest being that he was scared of staying project manager with Luisa constantly snapping at him, certainly not stepping down from the important role and having an easier second day!

Anything that anybody says can be interpreted differently by different people and the way that I interpreted this quote from Jason was that giving up is courageous. Well…no. I think he was mixing up giving up on something and admitting you are wrong. The second is something that most people find extremely hard; mainly due to an inflated sense of pride which is why it much easier to admit you are wrong to somebody you know won’t judge you. On the other hand, giving up on something is more often than not a sign of laziness. I will admit that giving up on certain things can be very difficult but that is more the consequences that come from the act of giving up on something, not the actual action. The only consequence of Jason giving up was getting an earful from Lord Sugar and let’s be honest, all the candidates get that anyway.

Imagine a world where you gave up when things got a little bit tough, or gave up after just one day! You’d have failed all of your exams and would have had to leave school at 16 with no qualifications, you wouldn’t have stuck anything out and you’d probably be lying in bed at 3 in the afternoon reading this (if you could read) because you had nowhere else to be. Life isn’t easy and it will always throw some challenges in there for you but giving up as soon as one of these appears, it’s just not a good idea. Of course there will be some people with a completely different attitude to me and if that works for you then that is fine but it won’t work forever!

As far back as I can remember I’ve had an ‘I won’t give up’ attitude; I’ve never known anything different. I’m not saying I still do everything that I did when I was 5, I’m saying I never gave up something that was important to me because it got a bit tough. For example, when I was 13(ish) I went through a phase where I couldn’t really be bothered with anything. I used to go to a lot of dance classes and I was also playing the bassoon in two orchestras. I remember sitting down with my mum and saying that something had to go so that I could focus on the other and I chose the bassoon over dance because I hadn’t been enjoying dancing that much for the previous couple of years anyway. On the other hand, music was slowly becoming my life and when I was 16/17 years old I was playing in orchestras or practicing every single evening and was on some sort of music course during most of the school holidays. Music was my life at that point. I didn’t give up when my grade 8 pieces were a bit tricky or I’d forgotten how to read tenor clef, I persevered and now I have a grade 8 certificate, but more importantly a skill, to show for it.

My ‘I won’t give up’ attitude hasn’t really worked against me in life. It has pushed me to work harder or try harder at something and this always seems to have worked! Sadly, this year, that attitude has disappeared. I don’t know whether it caused my mental health problems or it disappearing is a result of my problems however I can tell you that life seems 100000000000 times harder without it. I’m slowly getting it back but it’s a long process, much like recovering from mental health problems. For me the two seem to go hand in hand. I won’t give up on finding that attitude again because life is grim without it. (Ironic sentence there – perhaps it’s coming back already!)

I realise that I’ve been lucky to always have that sort of drive and that some people just don’t, I think it’s a personality thing! However, what sort of example is giving up as soon as something gets a bit tricky setting to everybody around you. By all means, admit that you were wrong and change direction in life but giving up is just the first step to never achieving anything.

I’ll leave you with a quote that I prefer from Thomas Edison:

‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’

All I have left to say is that Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb that is used every day and Jason got fired from ‘The Apprentice’. Enough said.

2 thoughts on “The Apprentice that didn’t invent the light bulb

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