Do you regret it?

There are some things in life that you just have to do. You have to be in education until you’re 16 (or 18 – I’ve lost track), you have to eat and drink and you have to wash (well at least if you want people to come within 100 meters of you, you do.) Equally there are some things in life that you just don’t have to do and going to university is one of them. Unfortunately, many of us have convinced ourselves that this is one of those necessary things in life. When I dropped out of university I got a few judging comments and I’ve also been countless times;

‘Do you regret it?’

The simple answer to this is no. Not for a second.

It has now being a month since I have left university and although I’ve had some good days and some bad days, the thought of still being back there makes me feel miserable, so actually being there would be terrible. I keep in contact with people who are at university, in fact people on my course and all they do is moan! Essays to write, reports to write, early starts, lack of money, walking everywhere in the rain. Why on earth would I want to be in the middle of that? This isn’t just a theme in chemical engineering; this is a theme throughout life! All that people seem to do is moan about what they’re doing. Well I can tell you know that I’m not moaning, in fact I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

I have a job, I have time to do the things that I love doing, I have time to see the people I want to see and in February I’m going to start a degree that I actually want to do. So next time a negative thought of dropping out of university crosses your mind, just consider the fact that it has a whole list of positives to it as well. 6 months ago I thought that dropping out of university was the be all and end all of life, well it’s not. That is a fact. Some of the most successful people I know haven’t got a degree and they didn’t spend 3 years of their life getting drunk and complaining about 9am lectures either!

There is no right answer as to which is a better choice, university or no university? However, there is definitely a correct answer to the question; be happy or be miserable? I’m on the right side of that line now, are you?

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