5 Reasons…To Talk About Mental Health

Numerous people have sent me messages since I started this blog telling me how brilliant it is to know that there is somebody else out there, that they know, who has had similar issues to them. Although it is lovely hearing from all of these people, there are times when I sit there thinking, I know somebody that you know who has told me a very similar thing! Of course I never tell anybody about conversations I have with people about mental health without their permission but there are some people I know who could help each other so much!

Unfortunately due to the way society has worked for years there are so many people out there who just don’t talk about mental health for numerous reasons. In many ways I find this odd because there aren’t many other illnesses that you would hide from so many people. So today I have 5 reasons to talk about mental health!

  1. The more people who talk about it, the less people there are who aren’t talking about it.
  2. The support network you gain from being so open about mental health is tremendous, I’ve become much better friends with people merely because I decide to tell everybody about the problems I’ve had.
  3. Although I don’t believe that going and sitting in a recliner chair in a therapist’s office and talking for hours about your problems is a particularly effective way of solving all of those problems, I do think that talking does help. The weight off my shoulders when I hit ‘Publish’ on my first blog post was amazing; hiding a secret can be so hard!
  4. You may just find out that there is somebody you are close to who is having similar issues to you! Instant help.
  5. I have found out about new techniques to help deal with mental health problems since I started blogging merely from searching through the internet or talking to people in similar situations. I can honestly say that I’m better now than I would be if I hadn’t started this blog.

I am aware that there are some people that just don’t want mental health problems to be a part of their life or something they talk about. However, if for even a second you’ve ever considered talking more openly about it then I’d actively encourage you to. The advantages really do outweigh the disadvantages in my opinion and if anybody is rude to you then you know not to waste your time talking to them anymore!

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons…To Talk About Mental Health

  1. With you all the way on this. It’s why I started my blog too, having been encouraged by my CBT therapist. The more people who are open about mental health the better chance there is that the stigma can be overcome. Keep it up!

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