Your Attitude Shines Through


I log onto twitter and all I see is people complaining about various aspects of life. Be it public transport delays, rising energy prices or merely the fact that the postman woke them up early this morning. However, the one topic of ranting on twitter that never fails to make an appearance is people claiming benefits. Well I’m here to tell you that the more you moan about it, the less difference it makes.

Personally, I think there is one important emotion in life, happiness. Everything in your life will relate to you achieving this emotion, in fact I challenge you to find something that isn’t. Our brains are wired to do things that make us happy and avoid aspects of life that make us miserable, it’s a survival instinct! So when I see the various tweeters moaning about benefit claimers, three things come to mind.

The first is very simple. Why are you moaning when you don’t pay tax and you are using government money to fund your education? (Obviously this is only applicable to the students among us.)

The second is that your feelings are very much in tune with your attitude. If you have a negative attitude about everything then you’ll just feel angry, sad, aggressive etc all of the time. This is one of the problems with mental health problems, they often fuel themselves!

And last but certainly not least, if you’re happy and the benefit claimers are happier having some money coming in, then what on earth is the problem? Realistically nobody can deny that you are only ever taxed what you can afford on your salary and although it might be nice if you could set off on a around the world tour for six months, own a Lamborghini and have a personal chef, these aren’t really the things that matter in life.

Having a roof over your head, food on the table, healthcare and sufficient money for energy to make a home usable are what is needed for you to survive.  A nice home, food you like and all the little things in life that you spend your life using (television, laptop, make up etc) are things that make you happy. Unfortunately some people seem to think that everybody doesn’t even deserve the basics. If I’m completely honest I actually think this is very selfish and a cruel mind-set.

I won’t deny you that it is frustrating to see 10%, 20%, 40% of the money you earn go straight to the tax man but a lot of the time I think that people lose sight of the important things in life. We live in a society that is actually very lucky as a whole. Unfortunately this is something that passes over some people while they are busy being pessimistic and moaning about the tiniest details.

I’m not going to tell you that you are what you eat (even though this is true!) But I am going to say that the attitude you approach life with normally shines through. Being generous isn’t about doing something and then moaning about the time, effort or money it took you. It is about doing something because you want to, which in turn will probably make you happy!

So next time you moan about benefits or the fact that the postman woke you up early, just think about all the people you are helping or that the postman got up a lot earlier than you did today. 

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