Time To LEARN!

I’ve had many discussions on the topic of mental health, too many to count. However, the one thing that always comes up is that so many people just seem to be completely uneducated on anything to do with mental health. So today, I have a list for you, and everybody you know, of some of the best websites on the topic. Most of these are mental health charities but there is nobody better to tell you about it!

The first one should be obvious coming from me, seeing as I go on about this campaign a lot! The first link is to the Time to Change website homepage. The second link has some great statistics and also a myth busting section. And last but not least, there is nobody better to learn about mental health from than those you have had problems with it in the past. Some of the blog posts on the Time to Change blog are amazing and really do hit the nail on the head.




The Mental Health Foundation and Mind both have A-Zs of mental health and I learnt a lot from both of these, easy to navigate, very concise, so there really is no excuse not to know about something like depression when you can read about it in 5 minutes.



The NHS, I’ve heard multiple times how they have failed to help people with mental health problems in real times of need, however, their website is very informative about mental health conditions. It’s also got information on services near you and some pretty good tips on how to stay mentally healthy, yes that is a thing!


Finally, I’ve included Beat’s website because eating disorders are often overlooked as a mental health problem. They’re very common, more common than you might think and this website is probably the most informative that I’ve found on all of the different conditions.


All of these websites are quick, easy and simple to navigate and very concise which is exactly why I’ve put them on here. I think that almost everybody would learn something by clicking on just one of these links and spending 5 minutes reading, I know I certainly do every time I look.

“Somebody has to do the stress free jobs”

Finding the silver lining in a situation can often seem not just difficult but almost impossible. However, I believe that from every negative comes a positive, it may not be immediately obvious but one day you’ll find it. For me, negative comments have come from those around me, mere acquaintances and my own mind. I felt like I was drowning in a pool of them at the beginning of last year. But today, I’m going to say thank you to anybody who ever told me that I couldn’t do something, because you’ve made me more determined than ever.

Growing up I was the competitive sort, never one to shy away from competition and always obsessed with winning. I haven’t actually changed all that much, however now, I don’t care about beating other people, I care about beating myself. Last year I got to the point where I thought, I’m never going to be able to sit these exams and get through the year. The summer came, exams were done and passed. I then dropped out of university and thought my life was over; I was destined to do something uninspiring for the rest of my life. In fact someone close to me even said to me;

‘Somebody has to do the stress free jobs’

This person hit me where it hurt that day, but today they inspire me. They inspire me to never be as cynical as that and to prove them wrong.

The last year has taught me a lot and I’ve learnt lessons I will never forget, been in situations I never want to be in again and started to appreciate people who I hope are in my life for a very long time. However, more importantly than any of that, it has taught me that there will always be a person out there who believes in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. But when you start to believe in yourself, boy is that where the fun starts!

We all find ourselves in situations we don’t want to be in and negative thoughts or comments can darken the circumstances even more. I probably haven’t helped myself when writing some of these blog posts but today I’m writing a cheerful one. Today I am merely writing to say…Things will always get better.


Today, I stumbled upon this:


What a fantastic idea. Simply brilliant. I’m a big advocate of finding a reason to smile every single day and this is merely a photo version of it. I had previously seen the hashtag floating around Instagram and hadn’t realised what it actually was but if you do follow me on Instagram you may well find it appearing on your Instagram feed too!

All of the information is on the website, it is a really simple concept and one that I think should be a lot of fun to complete. If anybody else decides to have a go then make sure you tell me where to follow you on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, wherever you want to put your photos up!

Hello Again!

I lost touch with this blog a little bit in the final couple of months of last year and it wasn’t because I got bored of blogging or writing, it was merely because I was happy. The majority of my posts to date have been written in moments of procrastination, anger or when I needed something to take my mind off all the problems I was refusing to deal with. Sitting down and writing a post about mental health problems when they are the last thing you want to think about can be a bit challenging to say the least. HOWEVER, having said that, I’m back! Mondays and Fridays will be new post days (don’t shout at me if I miss a few – working, studying and all the other life essentials such as eating, sleeping etc take up a large proportion of my time).

Seeing as I am writing this in the final minutes of the first Monday of the New Year I’ll make it a quick one so I thought I’d tell you my most read blog posts of 2013!

1)      “My First Time”. This one has had a grant total of…532 views to date. I guess the misleading title probably plays a major part in this, I may be wrong, I don’t think I am!

2)      “Life Update”. The blog post that I posted on my 21st birthday, telling everybody I know that I’d dropped out of university 4 days previously. It is also the blog post that caused me to be swamped with texts and messages from numerous people asking a lot of questions and sending even more virtual hugs.

3)      “The Socially Acceptable Drug”. This is probably the blog post I am most proud of, if you can even be proud of a blog post, but I’m yet to put my finger on why. I just like it. So that fact that almost 200 people took the time to read at least the first sentence of it made my day.

Back to 2014 now! I might make a few changes to this blog this year; it might move away from mental health problems and onto mental health in general. Would love to know your opinions or comments on this or what you would like to see! So feel free to comment down below, send me a message if you know me or tweet me at @KerrySmith92!

See you on Friday!