Hello Again!

I lost touch with this blog a little bit in the final couple of months of last year and it wasn’t because I got bored of blogging or writing, it was merely because I was happy. The majority of my posts to date have been written in moments of procrastination, anger or when I needed something to take my mind off all the problems I was refusing to deal with. Sitting down and writing a post about mental health problems when they are the last thing you want to think about can be a bit challenging to say the least. HOWEVER, having said that, I’m back! Mondays and Fridays will be new post days (don’t shout at me if I miss a few – working, studying and all the other life essentials such as eating, sleeping etc take up a large proportion of my time).

Seeing as I am writing this in the final minutes of the first Monday of the New Year I’ll make it a quick one so I thought I’d tell you my most read blog posts of 2013!

1)      “My First Time”. This one has had a grant total of…532 views to date. I guess the misleading title probably plays a major part in this, I may be wrong, I don’t think I am!

2)      “Life Update”. The blog post that I posted on my 21st birthday, telling everybody I know that I’d dropped out of university 4 days previously. It is also the blog post that caused me to be swamped with texts and messages from numerous people asking a lot of questions and sending even more virtual hugs.

3)      “The Socially Acceptable Drug”. This is probably the blog post I am most proud of, if you can even be proud of a blog post, but I’m yet to put my finger on why. I just like it. So that fact that almost 200 people took the time to read at least the first sentence of it made my day.

Back to 2014 now! I might make a few changes to this blog this year; it might move away from mental health problems and onto mental health in general. Would love to know your opinions or comments on this or what you would like to see! So feel free to comment down below, send me a message if you know me or tweet me at @KerrySmith92!

See you on Friday!

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