Today, I stumbled upon this:


What a fantastic idea. Simply brilliant. I’m a big advocate of finding a reason to smile every single day and this is merely a photo version of it. I had previously seen the hashtag floating around Instagram and hadn’t realised what it actually was but if you do follow me on Instagram you may well find it appearing on your Instagram feed too!

All of the information is on the website, it is a really simple concept and one that I think should be a lot of fun to complete. If anybody else decides to have a go then make sure you tell me where to follow you on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, wherever you want to put your photos up!

2 thoughts on “#100HappyDays

  1. Hello hello 🙂 I really love the sound of this challenge. It’s a picture thank god, if it had anything to do with writing… well I couldn’t imagine myself sticking to that for 100 days straight 😀 I’ll be starting the 25th of Jan. I’ve just followed you on instagram so I’ll be able to keep up with you 🙂 Whoo hoo…. I hope we accomplish it x

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