“Somebody has to do the stress free jobs”

Finding the silver lining in a situation can often seem not just difficult but almost impossible. However, I believe that from every negative comes a positive, it may not be immediately obvious but one day you’ll find it. For me, negative comments have come from those around me, mere acquaintances and my own mind. I felt like I was drowning in a pool of them at the beginning of last year. But today, I’m going to say thank you to anybody who ever told me that I couldn’t do something, because you’ve made me more determined than ever.

Growing up I was the competitive sort, never one to shy away from competition and always obsessed with winning. I haven’t actually changed all that much, however now, I don’t care about beating other people, I care about beating myself. Last year I got to the point where I thought, I’m never going to be able to sit these exams and get through the year. The summer came, exams were done and passed. I then dropped out of university and thought my life was over; I was destined to do something uninspiring for the rest of my life. In fact someone close to me even said to me;

‘Somebody has to do the stress free jobs’

This person hit me where it hurt that day, but today they inspire me. They inspire me to never be as cynical as that and to prove them wrong.

The last year has taught me a lot and I’ve learnt lessons I will never forget, been in situations I never want to be in again and started to appreciate people who I hope are in my life for a very long time. However, more importantly than any of that, it has taught me that there will always be a person out there who believes in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. But when you start to believe in yourself, boy is that where the fun starts!

We all find ourselves in situations we don’t want to be in and negative thoughts or comments can darken the circumstances even more. I probably haven’t helped myself when writing some of these blog posts but today I’m writing a cheerful one. Today I am merely writing to say…Things will always get better.

2 thoughts on ““Somebody has to do the stress free jobs”

  1. how beautiful is this post Kerry! 🙂 I couldn’t help but smile whilst I was reading it 🙂
    things do get better, things will get better! 🙂 xxxx

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