Why I’m Back

I disappeared off this little corner of the Internet over 3 years ago, for many reasons, and it’s not until this weekend that I’ve felt the need to come back. I haven’t had 3 years of blissful ignorance of mental health problems, far from it, but everybody I associated with in my every day life had just seemed to have come round to the idea of talking about mental health problems as an every day topic. As far as I was concerned, my work was done.

Of course, along the way I’ve had moments of disbelief; at a comment that was made or a poorly written news article or even somebody’s response to my story. However, nothing quite motivated me to get writing again as much as sitting next to somebody on a train who was complaining about the fact that the London Marathon was all about mental health this year and not for something “that actually mattered to people, like cancer”. To say I was livid was putting it mildly and if we hadn’t been pulling into my stop – I’d have had half a mind to tell them exactly what I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I think fighting cancer is a fantastic cause, especially as it affects such a large proportion of the population…however, so do mental health problems!

I didn’t start this blog post to have a rant about somebody on the train, I started it because this one small comment made me realise that I stopped talking as soon as it was easier for me to talk to those around me. When I started this blog, I didn’t start it to make my life easier, I started it to break down some of the stigma associated with mental health and just because I have understanding family and friends doesn’t mean I should have stopped.

What I’m going to write about yet I do not know, although I’m sure it will come to me (probably at 2am when insomnia has struck). I’ll start with the last 3 years, but that’s definitely a story to start another time!