The Power of the Internet

I think I should start with my good news of the day: 450 people have visited this blog today…450! Seeing as it is normally a grand total of 10 people, maybe 15 on a good day, I’m sure you can see why I’m shouting about this a bit. So thank you Thorrun and Alastair Campbell for that magic you worked on Twitter! Even if one person has read this and has a slightly changed opinion on Mental Health Problems now, then I’m over the moon.

The second piece of good news today is that I got a lovely E-Card from somebody (not sure who though!) saying ‘Well Done’ and how they read every blog post I put up. This has made my day! No actually this has made my week, so thank you to whoever that was.

Finally, I need a little bit of help from all of you. Those of you that have read my first post on here will know that I originally set up this blog to raise awareness of Mental Health Problems, this is obviously still the case. However, from experience I know that a few people shouting out are a little bit more likely to be heard than one, lone person. It’s your turn now. It doesn’t take much to get somebody’s attention; a tweet, a Facebook status, a simple conversation with somebody about Mental Health is not seen very often which is why it can make such a difference. If you’re uncomfortable talking about it, because I do realise I’m very open about it, then just direct somebody over to your favourite blog post on here (I like to think at least some of them are a tiny bit informative).

Obviously a lot of people don’t care about raising awareness of Mental Health Problems as much as I do because it hasn’t affected many of you. Unfortunately though, this won’t remain true forever. 1 in 4 people will suffer from a Mental Health Problem in their life. That’s only just behind the 1 in 3 statistic for Cancer, yet nobody is afraid to talk about that.

It’s all about the small steps (a complete contradiction to my previous post but big steps aren’t always possible) and maybe one day Mental Health will be talked about without anybody feeling awkward, without anybody refusing to comment on it and without anybody thinking that they know nobody with this problem. So go and use the Power of the Internet!

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