Leap into the Unknown

A quick post today because it wasn’t originally planned! Throughout my CBT I was asked, at the beginning of every session, a series of questions to determine my mood. The one that always stuck out to me was asking if I avoided social situations due to my Anxiety or fear of having a Panic Attack. It was the only question that I answered the same thing to every time. Yes.

However, I feel that the end of CBT should mark something significant in my life, therefore it’s about time I started taking a leap into the unknown. Personally I like to have everything planned out in advance, I want to know what is happening and when. Although this is a very sensible way of going about life, especially on holidays, it’s also a bit boring sometimes.

Having Panic Attacks took away that control from me but it also took away my ability to go out and have a good time without worrying. I’ve always said that having a mental health problem doesn’t define who you are, so maybe I should stop letting it and take that leap into the unknown…

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